In the winter of 2011, our creative team began working on this beautiful handmade feather jacket for the cold and dark Swedish winter. We wanted to make something different and light up the cold days. We wanted to create something new that people haven't worn before. So, after a lot of work, finally comes our iconic Fluffy Fur Fever Jacket. 


With experience and improving ourselves by time, our Fluffy Fur Fever Jacket and our brand PelloBello has become one of the most popular womenswear in Scandinavia. We have thousands of happy returning customers, because we treat our customers and listen to them with care and heart. 


Our iconic handmade jackets make you look fabulous on different occasions. It has become the absolute “must have piece” for women of all ages. Our concept is to make timeless pieces with affordable prices. At PelloBello you can always find the perfect wear just for you! And remember we are always happy to provide customized service for your unique body. Today you can find our jackets in Europe, USA, Canada, and Hong Kong.