Melissa Shoes

Melissa was born in 1979, with an inspiration straight from the sea. On the feet of French Riviera fishermen we found the embryo that gave origin to the Aranha model. In little time, it catches on with Brazilians and becomes one of the most popular shoes around. In just the last decade, Melissa produced more than 32 million pairs and today is sold in more than 70 countries. 



Melissa was one of the first brands in the world to create collaborative collections.

In 1983, we made our first collab with icon Jean-Paul Gaultier, known for eccentric, avant-garde style.

Recognized for his avant-garde ideas, Edson Matsuo has been the name behind Melissa for more than three decades. "Design is a collective tool capable of demolishing impossibilities," he says. That's how Matsuo supports his creations - according to him, modeled on one premise: creative freedom. "It sets the tone for everything in Melissa".